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good job kyle pulver

Xerus responds:


Not bad

I can't find the upgrade to make the game more fun.



#1 Rule of physics based games is reduce the effects of chaos.

If I have to play the same level EXACTLY THE SAME WAY 10 times in a row to beat it (because the balls didn't settle right or whatever), that's just bad design.

I know it's impossible to do a physics game without a little chaos, but it looks like you didn't put any effort into testing for that, as nearly every level I played had to be "beat" about 5 times before the solution actually worked

Yes but no

Concept is good. The whole q-bert style game and variations of it is one idea most of us have had when designing games, and one most have abandoned when realizing how it doesn't quite work as a puzzle or is most of the time too easy to solve.

But, as a platformer like this it works much better than top-down or isometric, and allows a lot more freedom in level design. However, you did not implement it well at all.

Most obviously, people don't like being told they suck. I don't need a walkthrough, I died because I missed a jump, not cause I don't know how to beat this level. Sure, pop up the message once if they lose a bunch, but don't keep popping it up every other level, and for god sakes make it auto close after its obvious the person won't click it.

Second, the platforming engine kinda sucks. I hate skirting the edge of a block only to have it disappear before I can land on it. That's not good design at all for a game that should be more about the puzzles than the platforming.

Lastly, you didn't really design to your full potential. You kinda got there with the paint buckets and stuff, but you never used them to make interesting puzzles, and thus it felt a lot more like the game was about raw skill than actually trying to think.

That is all.


You'll be hearing from my lawyers Tony, because you didn't have an explicit textual written contract to use MY property in promoting YOUR game.

(That is if I had a lawyer, the forclosure made me a little tight on cash)


The little pink thing, the doctors, the vomiting, all signs point to... SWINE FLU! OMFG.... you've doomed us all



Ya I had that for the game gear... good timesw

It's not as fun as I remember but its well made

Why must you entangle politics and games?

omfg the whole point of this game is to make fun of republicans omg. Quit being such a pothead democrat john! I can see past your innuendo, you DIDN'T FOOL ME!

nah but it was neat.


Ya the engines good and the graphics are flashy but there are some serious flaws.

For one, you lose all visibility in the direction you're moving. This is bad because you are most likely to be hit from the front. Please pan the camera so that you can see where you're going.

Another, enemies spawn way to close to you, and it gives you almost no time to react before they hit you. A lot of the times I was hit I didn't even see what it was that hit me because it spawned close in front of me and the camera didn't have time to catch up.

Third, the collision box should be slightly smaller for everything that can collide with you. I get "barely touched" a lot, and that should not count as a collision, especially when you always have to dodge so close to everything, if something brushes the edge of me it shouldn't count as a collision. You need to give some leeway there, it'll make the game feel much more fluent.

Fourth, I know the rising cost of health is "original" and all, but there's a reason why they didn't do it before. You end up punishing people for mistakes made while learning, and the price of healing 1 hit is tremendous compared to the amount you heal. If the heal healed you completely full then rose its price, that would be ok. But having it cost 100 pips to heal you 10% is ridiculous when coupled with the unfairness of the collision, camera, and spawn points.

Its not a bad engine but you need to do a lot more on polishing and balancing the gameplay, not just the graphics.


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