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Glaiel-Gamer's News

Posted by Glaiel-Gamer - February 8th, 2008

I am taking this time to let you know that I am "retiring" from making flash games this year.

It's a busy year for me, with school, and social aspects, and everything else going on, and I've just lost motivation for flash. Even with AS3 it's not powerful to do what I want and I just don't have time time to make flash games at the moment.

I'm ready to move on to bigger and better things, and starting in the fall I'll be attending Digipen Institute of Technology full time, which will leave me no time to work in flash. I'll be learning how to program console games in more advanced languages such as C++ and assembly.

This won't be the last time you see or hear from me though, games are still a hobby of mine and I have a ton of unfinished stuff. Weather or not I get to finishing them depends on many things, but don't expect anything soon, or even ever. I still might show my face on the forums or in reviews or somewhere.

Anyway you've all been a great audience, and this experience has been a great way to jump start my future. I hope you enjoyed all my games as much as I enjoyed making them.

Posted by Glaiel-Gamer - January 14th, 2008

Here's a picture of my science fair project this year. At my school they force all the honor students to enter it cause it's part of their grade. I decided to actually try this year (Last year I won 3rd for doing pretty much no work. I programmed some simple collision detections like circles and squares. The judges eat up any programming skills someone has.)

It's a pathfinding robot this year. I'm working with a friend, he's doing all the physical aspects of the project (building the robot, building the maze, doing the poster) and I'm doing the programming).

The robot has 6 circuit boards mounted on it, 2 motors, 2 wheels, 3 analog cables and 3 USB cords.

The large circuit board is the sensor control panel, the 2 ones in the middle are the motor control panels, and the 3 around the edge are IR reflective sensors (bought from phidgets.com).

It's an amazing little robot, we got it to rotate exactly 90° and move forward exactly 10'' through the computer, and the sensors work wonders. We haven't tested it in the maze yet, but I've run a virtual robot through a virtual maze using the commands for running the real robot through the real maze, and it works pretty well. It doesn't need to know what the maze looks like, but after it goes through it once it will have most of the maze stored in memory.

The coolest thing is that it's programmed through flash (in AS3). phidgets.com has an API for robot control in flash. You just need to be running their control interface on your computer, and it uses XML to communicate with it.

The total cost of it was $300, which the school repaid me.

Anyway if anyone here has excess income and a desire to make a robot, but doesn't want to learn C++ or java or assembly to program it, these little phidgets are amazing and easy to work with and I recommend them. I'll post a video once we get the robot working.

The science fair is at the end of February, _root for me!

Science Fair

Posted by Glaiel-Gamer - January 3rd, 2008

So now that it's 2008, it's pretty much the last year that I'll be able to make flash games. In August/September I start college at Digipen, and from what I've heard from students there I won't have much free time to work on flash games while I'm there.

Which means that this is it for a while, I have 8 months to make a few more games while I still have free time.

So here's a poll for you all. I want to see what games of mine would be deserving of a sequel, so spew out your suggestions.

Do you want a Magnetism 3?
Do you want a Blockslide 3? (Not going to happen)
Dare I say, Pigeon Pooper 3?
Project: Monochrome 2?
Paths 3? (Happening anyway)
Nightstrike 2?
Super Soldier 2? (Only if Dan finishes castle crashers soon)
Krazy Kar 3? (I laugh)

A different game sequel?

Or a whole new game (which I will make some)?

So spout out your suggestions.

Posted by Glaiel-Gamer - December 25th, 2007

I got a GPS for my car. If you read my previous post you'll know why that's ironic.

Also a bunch of other junk.

Posted by Glaiel-Gamer - December 20th, 2007


The nutcracker is out and I give it to you as a present.

Posted by Glaiel-Gamer - December 13th, 2007

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7-Ngy4 hwzQ

Coming soon.

The video really doesn't do the game justice, as we left out some key elements from the video, but you'll all have to wait to play it.

Posted by Glaiel-Gamer - November 28th, 2007

Many of you probably instantly recognize my works by my signature line preloader, which loads a bar towards the mouse. Well, no more. I have made a much snazzier, AS3-based loader which is just a lot cooler than my old preloader.


I would like a lag report though please, it if lags too much for people I'll make a less intense version.

Posted by Glaiel-Gamer - November 18th, 2007

So last Wednesday I found out that I got accepted into Digipen Institute of Technology, and I can say that that's where I'm going to college next year.

For those of you that haven't heard of it, Digipen is THE college to go to for someone looking to be a professional game developer. It's been around the longest, has the best reputation, and has the best course selection, along with being in a prime location right next to Nintendo of America and Microsoft.

So for the next 4 years (2008-2012), I will be doing nothing but math, physics, and game development in school (and a few mixed courses in other subjects). I'm pretty excited about it all. Not only will I learn how to make much better quality games and 3D games and work with consoles and handhelds, but the principals of physics for 2D games and techniques can be applied to flash too.

Anyway, If any other experienced flash artists or programmers out there applied and got accepted, or are thinking of applying, let me know. I'll need a roommate :D.

Posted by Glaiel-Gamer - November 5th, 2007

Blockslide 2. Coming Wednesday.

The game's been in development for nearly 2 years.

Programming and Level Design by Me, In-Game art by Orb, menu art by The Swain.

Still in need of beta testers, send me an IM if you want to test.

11/6 UPDATE! Play it at glaielgames before playing it at newgrounds!

http://www.glaielgames.com/playgame.ph p?id=48

GG release today, NG release tomorrow!



on NG now

Posted by Glaiel-Gamer - September 30th, 2007

So I was reading the comments on the pbot's post about the sketchbook tour, cause I like knowing what people think about my projects. If someone has a suggestion or anything I don't mind hearing it. However there was one comment about how it didn't deserve the score it had, and that was the entire comment. Nothing saying "In my opinion" or any suggestions about how to improve. Anyway I posted a long response about all the work that went into the tour, so I thought I'd post that here rather than let it die in the pbot's post.

At 9/30/07 08:35 AM, Angry-Banana wrote:
Wow The tour was great and all but a 4.30 is WAAAAY to much for something like this.

Do you seriously not understand the amount of work that went into this massive project?

Luis first had to collect about 100 addresses, then send each person a package with the tile and the instructions. Don't forget there's the cost of postage. Over a period of months, Luis had to keep a record of everyone who mailed their tile back in and collaborate them all together. He had to scan each and every one of the 76 tiles that made it back into his computer. Then he drew all the outlines and stuff for the tiles and sent it to pezzo (I believe). Pezzo compiled all the tedious work, like finding the 3 most recent submissions for everyone (3x76 = 228 links that he had to locate), place in the levels and user account links and maps for each person in the tour.

Now we get to my part. When I got the tour file, it was a jumbled mess of frames and outdated actionscript like telltargets (which i left in... no way I'm going to correct 76 lines of tell target code). I was told to code it. Simply rearranging the contents of the fla in order to get it into a codable state took hours. Then coding it took a while to get all the stuff like transitions and the audio switcher and stuff to work right. At this point Luis was editing all the tiles to save file space, along with making a 60x60 image of each tile for the thumbnail view. I had to go and replace all the tiles, then code the thumbnail view of the tiles.

About the thumbnail view, it took 3 freaking hours of tedious copy-paste and rearranging to put the bitmaps into something that would be practical to code. Want to know how boring that is? Open a word processor, type something like "bob1". Now copy that, and replace the 1 with a 2. Do that 76 times. There. That was basically the FIRST step of putting that mess of graphics into something that could be coded. (At this point I added in that Luis easter egg). Coded the thumbnail view. It was a pain but I eventually got it.

Now aside from a whole lot of odds and ends to fix here and there, the next thing I had to do was make 2 minigames. 2. A painter gamer and a slider game that 90% of the people here will never unlock. 2 games that each took a lot of my effort to make. Then putting it into the massively unorganized FLA of the sketchbook tour was a pain. Then I had to code all the easter eggs. Then I had to add swain's voices. Then I had 2 pages of glitches and tweaks that luis sent me to fix.

Add this to the fact that the file takes 15 minutes to export, and that I had to test it approximately 100 times, you end up with about 25 hours spent simply exporting the file.

All this time I could have spent working on something else, something more beneficial to myself like blockslide or something sponsored, or something with at least a link to my website on the main screen. But I chose not to. Know what my reward for all this work was? A t-shirt. That's all I get.

So before you go spewing crap about how it doesn't deserve it's score, take a minute to think about all the sacrifices, time, and tedious work that was spent to make this project so you could enjoy it.