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Entry #1

Sup guys

2007-07-17 18:19:45 by Glaiel-Gamer

Sup. Tom better make stuff work on safari soon....


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2007-07-17 18:48:51

whats a safari... is that like disneys animal kingdom. that was fun :P


2007-07-17 19:43:03

Yeah dude, I agree too, Safari is my main web browser. It works on Firefox though so if you have that then you could upload your GG logo and stuff.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

well the problem for the images is bomtoons needs to make me a new one. And firefox is really slow on an intel based mac


2007-07-17 20:00:54

Macs are macs.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

captain obvious


2007-07-17 20:50:56

I hear you, man. Many a time has the new layout froze on my Mac.


2007-07-17 21:46:48

Bah..Macs...Bah :P


2007-07-18 09:52:23

I'm lovin the new layout WOO!


2007-07-18 23:51:34

OMG you think Firefox is slow on a Mac, you should have seen Newgrounds on Mac OS 8.6

I wouldn't think the processor would make that much of a difference :-/


2007-08-01 12:22:57

Hell, when I installed Safari, nothing would even show up on it (not even the menus or buttons D:..)

I stick with Firefox.


2007-11-27 16:10:39

So how are you affliated with the site again?


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